What is AMD?



Degeneration of the macula in the eye occurs with age and results in blurred or distorted vision, often with a dark patch blocking the center of the visual field. In the management of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), patients are required to attend regular check-ups at a specialist eye clinic by the retinal specialists to monitor their disease. Unfortunately, progression of the disease is unpredictable and clinical scheduling is often challenging, leading to irreversible disease progression.




Normal human vision consists of a series of quick eye movements called saccades. These rapid eye movements have ballistic behaviour and abruptly change the fixation point depending on the area of the person's eye. By tracking these optokinetic movements with displayed patterns on the screen, the health of one’s eyes can be determined.


A smart optokinetic gaze tracking system

Occutrack is a medical start-up developing a prototype eye movement tracking system for the management of visual deterioration. 

Our patented Automated Vision Assessment and Impairment Detection through Gaze Analysis ("AVIGA") system uses gaze-tracking and sophisticated eye-tracking algorithms to provide a comprehensive and intelligent assessment of a person's visual performance.


A user simply looks at the pattens on presented on the screen. AVIGA tracks the movement of the eye in response to the presented stimulus patterns and determines the person’s visual acuity (VA) performance.

With Occutrack, AMD can be monitored from the comfort of one's home within a few minutes without the supervision


AMD Vision

Low patient compliance for frequent monthly check-ups

Anti-VEGF injections are effective, but require retreatments and regular monitoring

Inconsistent clinic appointments ranging from 1 to 3 months, depending on patient’s disease status and clinic availability

Difficulty in tracking progression of disease to deliver timely therapeutic


A home-based method that empowers patients with AMD to monitor their own eye condition remotely, thereby reducing the need for multiple clinic visits and allowing for timely therapeutic intervention


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